Fire, Health and Safety Audits What is an Audit?

The fire and safety audits are prearranged visits of our fire safety inspectors who visit your premises to assess and examine the relevant documentation and to evaluate how the premise is being managed in context to the documentation regarding fire safety. Our inspectors may chose to interview staff regarding their level of fire safety awareness and any onsite trainings or drills that they might have gone through. The audit may encompass discussing and going through the following.
A fire risk assessment by a competent person
Action plans related to any significant findings of the fire risk assessment
What to do in the event of a fire?( Emergency plans)
Preventative and protective fire fighting measures
Fire drills and staff fire training records including details of attendees and training types
Fire safety maintenance checklist (what is checked, by who, and when)
Staff information on fire safety and dangerous substances.
Evidence that the following have been tested by a competent person:- Fire detection and warning system; Emergency lighting; Sprinkler System; Ventilation System; Firefighting equipment; Electrical wiring in the building; Portable appliance testing.
The above list is not exhaustive and other evidence may be required depending on the circumstances.

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