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Rescue - RIV - Trucks

We make a wide range of rescue/RIV trucks for fire and rescue situations. Built on the chassis of your choice, the vehicles can be configured to have:

  • Crew compartment
  • Rescue equipment
  • Water tank
  • Foam tank
  • Fire pump
  • Priming pump
  • Power take off unit (PTO)
  • Foam equipment
  • Dry powder unit
  • Water/foam monitors
  • CO2 unit
  • Warning equipment
  • Etc.
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Latest projects by us.

JDW Power Plant Gohtki

Installation of fire hydrant system, addressable fire alarm system and deluge valve system.

Nandipur Power Project

We have been awarded the contract to supply fire fighting equipment for Nandipur Power Project.

Atlas Honda Motorcycle, Sheikhpura

Installation and commissioning of Sprinkler System and CO2 fire suppression system